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  • There are many people who need help in the Sacramento area. If you live in Sacramento County or nearby area, then this site has valuable information on where to get help for you. There are many places you can get assistance for rent payments, mortgages, utilities, shelters, gas, water, bus passes, food, and many more.
  • Many people in the Sacramento area find themselves needing help but may not know where to get help, which organizations to call or go to. If you are in need of an assistance, whether you need rental assistance, food assistance, utilities assistance or christmas help, you can call 2-1-1.
  • If you are homeless and you live in the Sacramento area, there are many organizations thare provide various assistance for the homeless. Different organizations provide different services for the homeless.
  • There are many homeless shelters in Sacramento County. We have broken down the list of homeless shelters into homeless shelters for families, singles, children, youths and crisis shelters. Read more about these shelters and how to find them below.
  • There are emergency shelters for homeless families in Sacramento County. Different family shelters have different rules and program coverages. Some shelters only accept children, some accept women and children as well as families.
  • While many shelters are for homeless families, there are emergency shelters that are for single persons. Below is a list of shelters for singles who are homeless in Sacramento. Some are for men only and some women only.
  • There are many homeless youths in Sacramento. Children and teens sometimes need shelters that are specifically for them. There are some emergency youth shelters for children and teenagers providing assistance in Sacramenty County.
  • There are crisis shelters located throughout Sacramento CA providing various emergency services for men, women and children living in Sacramento CA. Below is a list of crisis centers in the Sacramento area.
  • There are times when emergency shelter is needed. The Salvation Army in Sacramento, California, is very active in helping the homeless and those in need. The Salvation Army has an Emergency Lodging and Shelter program that many people have benefited from.
  • There are drop-in centers for the homeless in Sacramento where homeless men, women and children can help help with anything from food and showers to getting California ID, to finding jobs and housing. Below is a list of drop-in centers in Sacramento, California, where you can just stop by during their opening hours and get help.